Tampa Bay CEUs

CEUs on-line for State of Florida Licensed CNA / PCT / LPN / RN /Message Therapist- You MUST be currently LICENSED to take the CEUS classes on line.

13911 North Dale Mabry Hwy - Tampa Fl 33618

(813) 333-5459

Our system automatically REPORTS all CEUs to CE Broker - Students may print the class documentation immediately upon completion of the course.

To use the CEUS - Course work, the online classes use an array of toold like Audio, Video and pictures.   The FOLLOWING must be activated on your device in order to use this system.

1. BROWSER:  BEST CHOICE:  Google Chrome
2. Flash player must be enabled.
3. Must Allow Pop-ups on the site. 

MUST HAVE:    http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

System Requirements  Status  Supported Detected  
Web Browser  - Internet Explorer (IE 11+), Edge, Google Chrome  
Adobe Flash Version 7+
Adobe Reader  Version 9+
Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11

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Pop-ups allowed - How to Disable POP-UP Blockers

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TBCNA Students

All TampaBayCNA Students have

30 Days to complete Med Tech

60 Days to complete PCT

System will automatically deactivate.

This system will AUTOMATICALLY Report the CEUS Credit to

   CE Broker / Fl Board of Nursing for you.

Florida License Number
Student Full Name:


Click Here Enter the CEU web site and login



IMPORTANT: DO NOT TAKE ANY CLASSES.... unless you have your CNA LICENSE NUMBER FIRST....   if you take a class PRIOR to your CNA LICENSE... you will NOT get CREDIT REPORTED to FBON / CE BROKER.

National HealthCare Certification offers ADVANCED career skills for Licensed CNA's. These courses also include CEUs that are reported tot the Florida Board of Nursing.  You must have a current CNA License to GET CREDIT reported to the Florida Board of Nursing. 

The term “examination preparation course” in the State of Florida means a course or program that does not offer to confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

ALL Certification of Skills Classes and /or Professional Development Skills Workshops and/or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the State of Florida from ANY training center does not confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

 Certification of skills documentation and Continuing education units (CEU) documentation will be awarded upon successfully completion of the Gold Hospital Certification Programs. Continuing education units (CEU) are used to evaluate and measure participation in continuing education and learning activities.

CNA Students have 90 days to complete all courses we set up.  After 60 days, your account will be moved into in-active.  It is important to TAKE THE CLASSES we have set up for you. 

In addition, your account might be in-active due to NON-Access within 60 days... just email Arianna to re-activate if that is the case.



American Heart Association BLS/CPR

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