BOTH PCT and CNA Exam Prep Classes - Only $449  (Reg $799)

*Does not include the State of Florida Board of Nursing Testing Fees Testing Fees ($155)

CNA Exam Prep class is Presented by

Effective2/22/17:  Due to the large number of Licensed CNA's calling who do not have the Advanced Hospital PCT Clinical Skills, we are now allowing NEW Students who are ALREADY a State of Florida Licensed CNA to purchase the PCT Package. The Price is the same $449- You will need to come in and REVIEW our CNA Clinical Skills Class Standard and do the CNA Nursing Foundations Class On Line and the PCT 5 Hour Workshop. This does include 12 CEUs Reported to the Florida Board of Nursing.

Other Course Titles Included - These are taken On-Line after the Hands On Training.

Introduction to Infection Control REL-SC-0-IC-AIIC
Assist with Self-Admin of Meds in ALFs, FLREL-C2L-P1130
Biomedical Waste Management Training REL-C2L-P1212
Bloodborne Pathogens REL-ALL-0-BBPATH
Domestic Violence 2 Hour FL Required Training REL-SRC-0-DV2FRT

How to Take a Blood Pressure REL-C2L-USS-38800
Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects
Observation, Reporting, and Documentation REL-C2L-P1178
Tuberculosis: The Basics REL-ALL-0-TUBTB
Urinary Incontinence, Indwelling Catheters, Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections

 How to use a Oxi-Meter SPO2 Basic Heart Learn How to Create a Sterile Field of Activity  Learn HOW TO Insert
Balloon Catheter
Learn HOW to hook up the  EKG Monitor 3,4, 5 and 10 Leads ECG How to Check Blood Glucose Learn how to use an Electronic Tempter  

Colostomy Care

The healthcare industry is undergoing major shifts in the manner in which healthcare care is provided and what career skills are required to be hired for specific positions.

This restructuring of job titles has resulted in the introduction of  several new categories of healthcare workers in addition to being a Licensed CNA, LPN, RN, NP or PA.

PCT - Patient Care Technician    and    PST - Patient Support Technician

This  "Professional Development Skills Workshops for Hospital State not confer a diploma, degree or college credit

Certification of skills documentation and Continuing education units (CEU) documentation will be awarded upon successfully completion of both the Gold Hospital and other Certification Programs. Continuing education units (CEU) are used to evaluate and measure participation in continuing education and learning activities.

Continuing education units (CEUs) are used to: 1. Satisfy employer documentation  2. Document Certification requirements 3. Document specific job-related skills CEU's are reported to CE Broker and applied to the State of Florida CNA license renewal. CEUs do not confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

National HealthCare Certification @ Since 2011

BLS / CPR - Tampa Bay CPR

CNA Student discount rate of $40 / 2 Year Card

We offer only American Heart Association (AHA) CPR / BLS/ACLS/ PALS  - Most Hospitals WILL NOT ACCEPT other CPR Cards. American Heart Association SETS the industry standards. - CPR / BLS is NOT required for CNA Testing

Our Students are getting hired at local Hospitals Many PURCHASE our Hospital CNA +PCT 1 & 2 + Med Tech + EKG Basics $449
Many of hospitals will reimburse current employees  for our training program if you have been working for 6 months. Check with your supervision.